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Neb. Attorney General Overturns Gun Ban


The NRA joins Nebraska gun owners in hailing state Attorney General Jon
Bruning's opinion that concludes the 2006 Concealed Handgun Permit Act forbids
cities and towns from preventing the carrying of concealed firearms by permit

Attorney General Bruning's opinion, requested by state Senator Mark R.
Christensen, will strengthen the state's right-to-carry law by helping to make
clear that permit holders can carry firearms "throughout the state." It also
makes clear that cities and towns may not pass new ordinances banning the lawful
carry of concealed firearms by permit holders.

The opinion also points out that a total ban on possession or carrying of
firearms in a city or county would raise serious issues under the Second
Amendment, as interpreted in the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion in District of
Columbia v. Heller.

"We applaud Attorney General Bruning for this excellent opinion," said NRA's
chief lobbyist, Chris W. Cox. "The opinion respects the right of law abiding
Nebraskans to defend themselves and their families. That's just common sense;
your right to defend yourself doesn't end at the city line."



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