Nearly-Fatal Road Rage Incident Caught On Film (Video)


A terrifying road rage incident in California was caught on camera this week.

The video, which appears to be taken on a cell phone, shows a horrified driver and her passenger calling the police as they desperately speed away from an enraged driver. The driver is identified only as Vanessa.

Passenger Delanie Strykful says the furious driver, Dierdre Orozco, initiated the trouble when she cut Vanessa’s car off multiple times. After Vanessa was cut off for a second time, Strykful  “threw up her hands and flipped [Orozco] off.” That’s when things went downhill.

“She pulls in front of us then pulls the car horizontal and stops us,” Strykful told CBS Sacramento.

Orozco then got out of her car and approached Vanessa’s vehicle in the middle of the highway. Orozco banged on the window, at which point Vanessa sped off. Orozco then hopped back in her truck and started following them again.

“She did the whole zig-zag in three lanes with her flashers on, kind of like what a police officer would do if they were trying to slow down traffic,” Strykful says. At one point, Orozco even bumped her car into Vanessa’s vehicle.

After Strykful called 911, a dispatcher told them to exit the highway. Orozco followed them off the highway, but a California Highway Patrol officer was waiting for them up the road. Both Vanessa and Strykful were extremely rattled by the incident, and understandably so.

Here’s the footage:

Orozco was arrested following the chase. After being taken into custody, she was charged with reckless driving, resisting arrest and assault with a deadly weapon. When police ran Orozco’s records, they discovered she’d just been released from jail one day before. 

Sources: CBS Sacramento, Auburn Journal / Photo: Screenshot


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