Nearly 80 Percent Of Transgender People Have Considered Suicide, Study Says


About 80 percent of transgender people have considered committing suicide and 44 percent have attempted suicide at least once, according to a study conducted by the Transgender Equality Network Ireland.

The study, “Speaking From The Margins,” found 78 percent of transgender people considered suicide based on a survey of 164 participants.

Those surveyed cited family rejection, stigma, harassment, uncertainty about transitioning into their gender preference, and gender dysphoria – depression associated with discontent with one’s birth gender.

The survey was the largest even conducted on the “trans” community in Ireland.

Despite the small sample size, researchers believe the results confirm large international studies on transgender populations.

The release of the study comes as California faces a repeal of the Student Success and Opportunity Act, which was signed into law Aug. 12 by Gov. Jerry Brown. The law bans discrimination against transgender students in normally sex-segregated programs like P.E. and sports teams. It also allows students to chose to use whatever bathroom they desire.

Opponents submitted 614,311 signatures to the California secretary of state to repeal the law, which would otherwise go into effect Jan. 1.

Sources: Irish Times, San Francisco Examiner


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