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Nearly 100 Sick Cats Removed From Hoarder’s Home, All But Two Put Down

Nearly 100 sick cats were removed from a Pennsylvania hoarder’s home on Friday and all but two had to be euthanized.

The majority of the felines in the Mt. Lebanon home were very sick. Some were missing eyes and covered in fleas.

“We heard there was a tenant evicted and left behind 70-100 cats,” a neighbor told WPXI.

A landlord discovered the animals after an unidentified woman was evicted from her apartment.

Not a single litter box was found in the home.

The landlord told WPXI reporters that he tried to get animal control to intervene, but there are no laws against hoarding cats.

“In Mt. Lebanon, we don’t have an ordinance about cats and the number of cats you can have in a residence and cats roaming freely in the neighborhood,” Aaron Luth, a Mt. Lebanon police department spokesman, told WPXI.

The landlord paid an outside company to remove the cats. Only two were in healthy condition. They were taken to the non-profit Animal Friends for adoption.

Neighbors told the news channel that the tenant should be charged.

Sources: WPXI, Guardian Liberty Voice

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / gomagoti


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