Near-Sighted Grandfather Picks Up Wrong Child From School


A school in Kent, England authorized a near-sighted grandfather to pick up his granddaughter from school, realizing later that he had brought home the wrong 6-year-old girl.

The girl was in the same grade and had the same first name as the man’s granddaughter, adding to the confusion.

The 6-year-old was apparently too shy to speak up when she was called to the front office to leave for a doctor’s appointment, and the school did not pay attention to who she actually was.

When the man arrived at the doctor’s office and realized he had picked up the wrong child, he immediately returned her to the school.

The mix up was not apparent to anyone until the young girl showed her parents the medication she had been given at the doctor’s office. When her parents realized what had happened, they were outraged.

"I was boiling inside," the girl’s father said, adding that he immediately thought of the worst. “When your daughter has been walked round town and taken on a bus by a strange man, it makes you sick to the stomach.”

Her father added that he was thankful that it was an innocent act carried out by an elderly gentleman.

An investigation has been launched into the school’s negligence.

Sources: MSN, The Guardian


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