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NC State Professor Tells Students They Need To 'Americanize' Their Names

Professor Charles Hardin at North Carolina State will have to make an apology to his students after making an offensive comment in the classroom.  Hardin was passing tests back to students when he came across a name he couldn’t pronounce correctly. According to students in his biochemistry class, he told them that they should “Americanize” their names, because this is America.

A school spokesperson said that the university has met with Hardin and discussed the situation. Hardin admits to making the comment, but claims it was meant to be taken lightly and he meant no harm by it.

"The professor realizes that his statement devalued the heritage of some students and was inappropriate for the classroom or anywhere else on the university's campus," said the spokesperson. Hardin plans to apologize to his students when they meet for class on Wednesday.

According to the university’s website, Professor Hardin earned his PhD at Iowa State University and currently serves as the Associate Professor of Biochemistry at North Carolina State.

Source: ABC 11 News


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