NC Police Smell Marijuana In Home, Chaos Follows (Video)


Police in Durham, North Carolina, entered a home April 8 because they allegedly smelled marijuana. The situation soon dissolved into chaos and was filmed by one of the residents, Vera McGriff (video below).

According to Indy Week, McGriff posted the video on Facebook (the posting has since been removed) along with a note that said the police came to her door and demanded to search the house.

McGriff allegedly refused because the officers lacked a search warrant, but then eight cops "bum-rushed" the home.

"We all sat in handcuffs for 4-5 hours while they waited for the search warrant," McGriff reportedly wrote on Facebook.

"Everybody was [T]ased, one officer hit my son in the face with his Glock 9, we were choked, kicked, thrown down on the floor," she added.

In the police warrant, Officer J.M. Foster said another cop gave him information about Khadir Cherry, a resident who had been arrested April 4 for allegedly selling marijuana, notes News & Observer.

Foster said that he was doing a follow up when he saw Raynell Hall in the driveway. Foster told Hall that he wanted to speak to the homeowner.

When Hall opened a door to walk inside the residence, Foster recalled: "Through my training and experience I know that the only thing that smells like marijuana is marijuana."

The police "seized the house" and did a "safety sweep for suspects."

Cherry was in the home where there were allegedly marijuana joints, a water pipe and cigar wrappers. Tobacco had been removed from the cigars and was going to be replaced with marijuana, according to Foster.

Wil Glenn, a spokesman for the police department, wrote in a statement, "In order to execute the arrests during the volatile scene, officers deployed a Taser on Mr. Hall and an officer struck Mr. Cherry with a baton in the area between the hip and knee."

There were multiple charges against Hall, Cherry, McGriff and Jahmon Cedeno. Cherry was the only person charged with drug related crimes: two counts of possession with intent to manufacture, sell and/or distribute and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

"The Durham Police Department is investigating all matters concerning this incident including the use of force, which is standard protocol," Glenn added.

Sources: Indy Week, FacebookNews & Observer / Photo credit: Vera McGriff via YouTube

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