NC Hospital Volunteer Screams At Black Family (Video)


Isaiah Baskins, an African-American man, filmed an unidentified angry volunteer yelling at him and his family at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina, and uploaded the footage to YouTube April 14 (video below).

Baskins noted on his YouTube page that he had gone to the hospital for his daughter's appointment and was immediately served racial slurs by the volunteer. He was also told to get his "black kids out."  He claimed he wasn't bothering anyone at all, and the racism the volunteer was spitting caused him to grab his camera.  She seemed to have a specific problem with Isaiah's underwear, which she refers to several times in the footage.

The video begins with the volunteer pushing Baskins' baby stroller out of an office and telling him: "You're getting out."

Baskins informs the volunteer that the video is going all over the Internet; she screams at someone on a phone to "take these people out of here!"

The volunteer gets very close to Baskins' face and yells at him to get out, screams about gray underwear and continues shouting as he and his children walk into a reception area.

Security guards arrive on the scene, and the volunteer steps into the reception area and begins to yell, but the guards have her return to the office. Moments later, Baskins gives his side of the story to the guards.

Wake Forest Baptist officials told the Winston-Salem Journal: "Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is shocked and appalled at the behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video. This behavior does not reflect our identity or our values. This individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization."

According to the newspaper, the hospital also posted an apology on Baskins' YouTube page:

We deeply regret and apologize for this behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all, with respect, dignity and compassion. We are taking action, and this individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization.

If they haven’t already, one of our senior executives should be reaching out to you shortly. Again, we apologize for this appalling incident.

Sources: Isaiah Baskins/YouTubeWinston-Salem Journal / Photo credit: Isaiah Baskins / YouTube

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