NC Cop Attacks Black Man Sitting On Mom's Porch (Video)


The City of Greensboro, North Carolina, released two police body camera videos (below) on Sept. 26 of a white police officer going after a black man who was lawfully sitting on the front porch of his mother's home on June 17.

Officer Travis Cole, whose resignation from the police force in August caused the charges against him to be dropped, and another officer questioned Dejuan Yourse who was casually sitting on the porch, notes WGHP.

The news station would not describe the video except to say: "Body cameras on both Cole and his partner captured what happened next."

The body camera videos clearly show Yourse going into a detailed explanation for Cole about how he had lived at the house for ten years, did not have his key and was waiting on his mother to arrive.

Cole admits at one point that burglars don't normally try to break into a house, and then sit on the front porch.

Yourse explains how he has an apartment, and then calls his mother.

Cole tells Yourse to put the call on speaker, but the call goes to voicemail.

Cole asks Yourse if he has any warrants out for his arrest, and Yourse says he does not, but openly admits that he has done time in prison.

Yourse explains again how he is waiting for his mother.

Cole then questions Yourse about the dog in the garage.

Cole's partner then questions Yourse about his name and his mother's name, which he already gave to Cole.

Cole then questions Yourse about the spelling and pronunciation of his name.

Cole tells Yourse to sit down; Yourse begins to question Cole's interrogation; Cole tells him to relax.

Cole accused Yourse of being "animated" and "breathing rapidly."

Yourse tells someone on his phone to "come to my mother --  mom's house, the police are over here, they're harassing me."

Cole suddenly grabs for Yourse's phone, demands he put his hands up, and grabs him.

"You can't do this!" Yourse shouts, and Cole yells, "The hell I can't!"

Cole pushes Yourse down and says, "Get your a** on the ground!"

"You're punching me!" Yourse yells.

"I'm gonna hit you again!" Cole counters.

Cole appears to strike Yourse again.

Cole handcuffs Yourse and accuses him of "resisting."

"You didn't have to punch me in my eye!" Yourse shouts. "Yes, I did!" Cole says.

"I wouldn't dare as a chief tell anyone this kinda thing never happens," Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott told WGHP. "We have around 900 employees, over 680 sworn police officers on any given day getting dozens and dozens of calls and interactions. But what they can be assured of is we take this very serious."

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan apologized to Yourse on Sept. 26, and called the incident "ugly."

The Greensboro City Council voted for a resolution that called for Cole's law enforcement certification to be permanently suspended, but resolutions are non-binding, which was not enough for some people at the meeting.

Journalist Sarah Krueger tweeted from inside the city council meeting: "Speaker on the floor saying the only reason we know about this incident w/ Cole is bc a police officer on the inside leaked info."

Krueger also tweeted: "Things getting testy. Mayor Vaughan asks for part of crowd to be removed because they keep shouting out."

(Note: Attack happens at 9:15 mark)

Sources: WGHPSarah Krueger/Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Greensboro Police Department via YouTube

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