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Al Roker Slammed For Taking Selfie During South Carolina Storms


Weatherman Al Roker has publicly apologized for an insensitive selfie taken while reporting on the devastating storms and flooding in South Carolina for NBC Nightly News.

The selfie shows a smiling Roker and two other members of his news crew posing in front of a partially collapsed roadway with a wrecked car stuck in a ditch.

The photo was posted on Roker's Twitter account on Oct. 4 with the following caption, "My crew and I getting ready to report on East Coast flooding from S. Carolina on @NBCNightlyNews with Kate Snow."

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Shortly after the image was posted, other Twitter users responded with a flood of negative comments reprimanding the news reporter for his insensitivity.

"Al, your photo is [in] extremely poor taste," a South Carolina resident tweeted. "We are devastated and you're smiling. Shame on you."

Another user tweeted: "THERE'S A CAR IN A DITCH, and you 3 couldn't look happier. I'm so over our selfie nation."

"Leave it to Al Roker to show up to a natural disaster where people have died/lost their homes/ect and take a smiling selfie," another Twitter user wrote.

In response to the criticism, Roker removed the picture immediately and apologized via Twitter. 

"I apologize for being insensitive," Roker tweeted. "The woman in that car got out without injury. We Should not have been in the picture."

He added in a later tweet: "We came down to report and I offended those who lost so much. I am sorry." 

Parts of South Carolina saw over 20 inches of rainfall on Oct. 4, according to the Daily Mail. The storms have left nine people dead and 26,000 without power. More deaths are expected to be reported as state officials go door to door to check on residents. 

Dangerous traffic conditions in the state due to the storms have prompted Republican Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina to issue public warnings urging people to stay off the roads and take necessary safety precautions.  

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN / Photo Credit: Twitter


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