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Shopping Channel Host Faces 5 Years For Clothes Theft (Photos)

Shopping Channel Host Faces 5 Years For Clothes Theft (Photos) Promo Image

Former Mrs. America pageant winner Jennifer Kline could go to prison for up to five years after she was convicted of felony theft for switching price tags during a shopping trip to a Minnesota Macy's department store.

On Aug. 15, a jury determined that Kline, who has appeared on a national shopping TV program and promoted products on her social media, was guilty of one count of theft by swindle after she purchased nearly $5,800 worth of Macy's clothing on a credit card in November 2015, reports The Pioneer Press.

Later, the 51-year-old went back and received $5,501 refunded back to her card after returning the items -- but a store detective noticed that something was wrong with those returns and made a police report.

"Several of the clothing items returned to Macy's were dirty and showed signs of wear," reads a portion of the criminal complaint, notes The Pioneer Press.

But that wasn't the end of it.

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"The tags were taken off and were placed onto clothes that looked similar, but were not the same name brand," said Sgt. Kevin Rofidal of the Edina Police Department of Minnesota, according to ABC News. "There was more than just grabbing merchandise and walking out the door. … There was a lot of thought put into this, a lot of effort to conceal it."

Kline is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 18 for her sentencing trial, according to The Pioneer Press.

The Star Tribune notes that Kline, who was crowned Mrs. America in 1989, made a number of the returns to different Macy's locations. She later admitted that she kept equipment on hand such as plastic tag holders to attach the price tags onto the clothes that she would switch out and take back to the store, keeping the newly purchased items.

Her attorney said in court that she did make a stupid mistake but explained that the fault should lie squarely on the shoulders of the department store chain for having such a lax return policy at the time of the scandal.

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Her theft totaled between $1,000 and $5,000, the jury decided.

"This little scheme of Ms. Kline’s was wrong and it was clearly driven by greed," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said in a statement, according to Patch. "The jurors were not fooled by attempts to blame Macy's and their liberal return policy for her criminal conduct."

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