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NBA Star Derrick Rose Demands $70K From Rape Accuser

NBA star Derrick Rose wants $70,000 in damages from the woman who accused him and two associates of rape.

The accuser, who remains anonymous, filed a $21.5 million civil suit against Rose in 2015, prior to him being traded from the Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks.

On Oct. 19, a jury rejected her lawsuit, reports the Daily Mail.

In a motion filed Nov. 5, Rose claims that he and his fellow defendants are entitled to “expenses they necessarily incurred in defending themselves against ... false claims” that the woman brought against them.

She accused Rose, his manager Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen, Rose's childhood friend, of drugging and raping her in 2013. According to her claim, the three men gang raped her. Rose and his associates admitted to having sex with her, but say it was consensual.  

Rose alleges the claims against him “have taken an enormous, costly and irreparable toll” on his “public image and reputation,” reports the New York Daily News. He is demanding $70,917.16 in compensation for trial costs, witness fees, depositions, reporter's transcripts and fees for service of process.

In response, the woman claims that she should not have to pay because of the “financial disparity” between herself and Rose, notes sports law attorney David Wallach. Rose contends that she can afford to pay because she’s “a 30-year-old woman who owns a home” and a car.

According to ESPN, Rose is the 14th highest-paid player in the league, with an annual salary of $21,323,252 -- the approximate amount of the lawsuit that the woman filed against him.

In court documents, Rose said: “This was a fake case for money pursued by a Plaintiff who admitted repeatedly to lying under oath and presented no evidence beyond her own self-serving testimony to corroborate any of her fake claims.”

Sources: Daily Mail, ESPN / Photo credit: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

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