Footage Of Man Punching Nazi Goes Viral (Video)

Footage Of Man Punching Nazi Goes Viral (Video) Promo Image

Video of a swastika armband-wearing white supremacist getting knocked out in Seattle is going viral (video below).

The unidentified Nazi was first seen on Sept. 17 on a local bus where witnesses said he was harassing another passenger, the Daily Mail reported.

Antifa-associated Twitter accounts began sharing photos of the Nazi sitting on the bus in a bid to identify him, BuzzFeed News reported. Shortly after, Facebook user Sean Patrick Duff shared a photo of the Nazi knocked out on the ground.

"I literally just got off a bus and was walking to a movie and saw some guy being obnoxious up the way," Duff told BuzzFeed News. "Which I'm used to in downtown Seattle, but then I saw the Nazi armband and realize we are dealing with a guy a little more than just obnoxious. I had eaten over 800mg of THC and was way too high for confrontation so I just held back with two other passersby to watch what would unfold."

Footage of the incident began surfacing online just moments later. It shows the Nazi being punched in the face by a man in a gray sweatshirt. The Nazi is heard saying, "They deserve welfare," just before being knocked out.

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The person running the Twitter account that helped track down the Nazi commended the man who threw the punch. The Twitter user asked not to be identified citing concerns over his own personal safety.

"I would say that we successfully identified, tracked and coordinated to neutralize a clear and present danger to Seattle," he told BuzzFeed News. "Whether we coordinated the actual punch or not … I, for one, applaud the anonymous hero."

Seattle police confirmed they received reports about a man wearing a swastika armband who was actively instigating fights that afternoon.

"Police were on the scene in five minutes and found him on the ground. He declined to provide info about the incident and left after removing his armband," police said in a statement. "No one else at the scene contacted officers to make a report about the incident."

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The video has since gone viral, even prompting the resurgence of the hashtag #PunchANazi.

"The best way to pay it forward is to punch it forward. Punch a Nazi," wrote one Twitter user.

"We can argue politics all the live long day but as soon as you put on a Nazi armband the talking is f**king done," wrote another.

"If you think #PunchANazi is a violation of the 1st amendment but sitting for the #NationalAnthem is a disgrace, your priorities are f**ked," added another.

Sources: Daily Mail, BuzzFeed News, #PunchANazi/Twitter / Featured Image: Dmitri Fedortchenko/Flickr / Embedded Images: Twitter and Facebook via Daily Mail

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