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Navy Veteran Claims He Was Brutalized By Chicago Police (Video)

Jamie Price, a Navy veteran, claims that he was the victim of police brutality in Chicago on Sunday.

A neighbor, Jason Williams, filmed part of the incident on his cell phone.

The video (below) shows police holding Price down, one cop standing on top of him and another possibly kicking him.

Price claims that he was involved in a minor car accident with an unidentified man in an alley near his home. Price said that he and the other man exchanged information, but a police officer came to the scene and asked for Price's ID.

"I give the cop my ID and he had me place my hands on the hood of his car. So he patted me down, searched me and then he proceeded to put me in cuffs," Price told My Fox Chicago.

Price recalled that the officer became angry when he (Price) asked why the cop was handcuffing him.

"Slams me on the ground, punches me in my face. I had glasses on," Price stated.

However, the other driver told WGN News that the cop ordered Price to stop his car while he was backing up, and that Price shoved the officer, which Price denies.

Price said that more officers arrived and tased him, so he tried to run for his home because he was afraid he might die.

When Williams started filming there were up to eight police officers holding Price on the ground.

Price told My Fox Chicago, "I had a guy kicking me in the head and I had a guy kick me in the genitals twice. I wasn't fighting with them. I was like this is not an arrest. You guys are beating me."

Price's mother Rose Benton claims she told the police to stop beating her son, but they told her to shut up.

Price said the cops took him to a local hospital to get the Taser prongs out, and then to jail.

Price told WGN News that he didn't receive medical treatment even though he had several injuries and blood in his urine.

My Fox Chicago notes that Price was charged with an "expired license, no insurance, resisting arrest and leaving the scene of a crime."

Price said he pleaded guilty to the charges based on the advice of his public defender who warned that he would be imprisoned for weeks until another court date.

The Chicago Police Department said in a statement:

The department is aware of the video and the matter is actively under investigation by (The Independent Police Review Authority). If it is determined that the involved officers did not follow proper department procedures and guidelines, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

However, if the officers abused Price, as he claims, that could be a criminal issue and a violation of his civil rights, which would make it a federal case.

Sources: My Fox Chicago, WGN News
Image Credit: My Fox Chicago Screenshot


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