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Navy SEAL Trains For 70-Mile Triathlon After Having Survived Being Shot 27 Times

A Navy SEAL who managed to take down two enemy fighters after being shot 27 times during combat is training to run a half-Ironman triathlon in honor of his fellow comrades.

Mike Day is as tough as they come. In 2007, he was shot 27 times after being one of the first of his SEAL team to enter a room.

Enemies had been waiting in the room and shot the rifle out of Day’s hands when he entered. Eleven shots hit his body armor and 16 shots wounded him. None of the bullets hit his vital organs, WTKR reports.

Somehow, Day managed to grab his handgun. He then shot and killed two enemy fighters before a grenade exploded 10-feet-away from him and knocked him unconscious. He then got up and walked himself to a medical helicopter.

Day described his injuries on his half-Ironman fundraiser page. He wrote that he was shot in both arms and legs. He was also shot in the scrotum and buttocks.

He suffered fractures to his ribs and contusions to his lungs and the shots to his abdomen left him with a colostomy bag for a whole year. Day almost lost his left thumb as well.

Day spent 16 days in the hospital and lost 55 pounds. He was discharged and awarded the Purple Heart.

“This was a single gunfight at an ordinary day at the office,” wrote Day, who has also won the Silver and Bronze Star.

For 20 years, Day served his country as a Navy SEAL. He is now raising money for the Dallas-based Carrick Brain Centers, where he received treatment for PTSD for eight years after touring in Iraq.

So far, Day has raised $68,585 of his $75,000 goal. The center specializes in helping wounded soldiers and children with severe brain injuries.

Despite his amazing accomplishments, Day remains humble. He said that his life mission is not about him but to “care for and lead my wounded brothers and sisters.”

He will participate in the 70-mile triathlon next month in Florida. If you wish to contribute to Day's cause, click on the link to his page here.

Sources: Daily Mail, WTKR

Photo Credit: Mail Online,


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