First Pitches Don't Usually Melt Your Heart, But This One Will (Video)

After returning home from being stationed overseas, a Navy dad surprised his young daughter by dressing as a catcher during a Charlotte Knights game and unveiling himself when she threw the first pitch.

Isabella Elmore, 8, watched an encouraging video of her father just before throwing the first pitch.

“OK Isabella, all you do is aim for the catcher,” Philip Elmore said in the recording. “Try to knock him down and I’ll see you real soon.”

Elmore had been on a long leave in Germany. When Isabella threw the first pitch and the catcher unmasked himself, she found that her father had returned early.

Isabella approached her father on the field, speechless, and only managed to say: “Daddy?”

Elmore returned home in time to celebrate his daughter’s First Communion on Saturday.

Sources: WSOC TV, Fox


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