Navy Commander Michael P. Ward II Gets Woman Pregnant, Fakes Own Death, Loses Command

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Navy commander Michael P. Ward II was a removed as commanding officer of USS Pittsburgh, on August 3, due to a recent bizarre series of events, reports the Daily Mail.

Ward, who is married, met an unidentified woman from Chesapeake, Virginia, on a dating web site in October of 2011.

Ward told the woman that he was seperated, claimed his name was 'Tony Moore' and met the girl in person.

She chose to have sex with Ward, even though she did not know much about him, and eventually got pregnant.

However, on July 6, the woman received an email, from a supposed 'friend' of Ward's named 'Bob,' which read: "He asked me to contact you if this ever happened. I am extremely sorry to tell you that he is gone. We tried everything we could to save him. I cannot say more. I am sorry it has to be this way... He loved you very much."

On July 9, the woman drove to Ward's house in Burke, Virginia, but the home's new owner said Ward was alive and had moved to Gales Ferry, Connecticut.

The woman said that she became ill, was hospitalized and lost the baby.

The unidentified woman told The Day: "I don't want revenge here. I want everyone to know the truth about Michael. He does not need to be commanding a submarine. He's a deceitful man."

After claiming she was not out for revenge, the woman called the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the master chief of the USS, which resulted in Ward being relieved of command.

Capt. Vernon Parks said in the press release that Ward was relieved of duty "due to lack of confidence in Ward's ability to command based upon allegations of personal misconduct on the part of Ward."

"Our Navy has a very clear and unambiguous standard regarding the character of our commanding officers, spelled out in the Charge of Command. I reviewed this charge with Cmdr. Ward before he assumed command. He understood the Navy's high standards for command leadership and he failed to uphold them."


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