Nature Show Host Under Fire For Posting Photos With Dead Animals Accompanied By Controversial Hunter

Larysa Switlyk is the host of "Larysa Unleashed," a hunting and fishing show on Sportsman Channel and Destination America. 

Although she’s no stranger to the controversial sport — her Twitter biography reads that she is “trying to figure out how to turn her love for hunting into a full time job,” Switlyk is in hot water for her recent hunting expedition with Michaela Fialova.

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Fialova, a Czech Republic native who is both renowned and notorious for her good looks and hunting skills, recently joined forces with Switlyk to hunt roe deer in Slovakia. Though roe deer aren’t endangered, the duo sparked controversy when they posted photos of the dead animals and the meal that came after.

Though Switlyk is a slowly rising star in the hunting world, Fialova is a veritable lightning rod for controversy. A Change.org petition that seeks to ban her from Africa and shut down her Facebook page has garnered more than 24,000 signatures. She has posted several photos if herself that feature dead endangered animals, including an African lion.

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“It's despicable and repulsive to glorify trophy hunting and sadistic practices such as bow hunting and posing with dead bodies of animals as if hunting is an appealing and desirable thing to do,” the petition reads. “Killing animals for fun is just plain wrong and must be stopped.”

For her part, Fialova has brushed off her critics and stated that she “will never stop hunting.”

Sources: Change.org, Daily Mail

Image: Facebook via Daily Mail


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