'Natural' Image of Barbie Features the Doll Without Makeup and Full Of Imperfections


An image of Barbie without makeup has been circulating around the web, suggesting that underneath all of that foundation, mascara and eyeshadow is a face of acne, under-eye bags and uneven skin tone.

The image, posted on Imgur, was created by Eddi Aguirre. It features Barbie in a "natural state" full of normal imperfections every one of us deals with. 

It's not just the removal of her makeup that is shocking, but the frizziness of her hair and the appearance of braces over yellow stained teeth is also surprising.

The popular girls' toy is often the subject of scrutiny, as the doll has been blamed for setting the wrong example to children since she was created in 1959. While she has been made to have many different jobs, including a nurse, paratrooper and astronaut, it is her appearance that makes many people question whether or not she is sending young girls the wrong message.

If she were a real person, she would stand at six feet, have a 39" bust, 18" waist and 33" hips. These are impossible proportions for any girl to attain, and so the doll has been blamed for influencing girls to develop eating disorders or unrealistic expectations of how their bodies should look.

But the once extremely thin doll has gained a little bit of weight over the years to resemble a more realistic body, though the measurements are still outrageously small.

Over the years, the company has attempted to make her appearance more malleable, having her don tattoos and motorcycle jackets for some versions. They even removed her hair to appeal to children receiving chemotherapy treatments.

While Barbie has received much scrutiny over the years, it is surprising that most of this criticism has remained centered on her body instead of her flawless face. There is no doubt that attaining such a perfect face is just as unrealistic as attaining an insanely thin physique.

Aguirre was likely trying to draw attention to the fact that her facial features are setting the wrong example to young girls. Despite the attempt to show a natural side of Barbie, the image has received criticism from many complaining that she looks sickly and unnatural.

"A doll with an incredibly sick look? Like she's got an awful hangover or renal failure? Which child would want it?" someone commented. 

"It's the way her eyes are swollen, puffy -- signs of a hangover or, in the extreme, kidney failure," another user wrote.

But a child and family therapist, Fran Walfish, said it is not uncommon for people to be angered over the "missteps" of public figures.

"It's human nature for people to build up iconic figures and then tear them down," Walfish said. "We idealize public figures because we want something to aspire to but our standards are impossibly high. And when these icons inevitably misstep, we feel disappointed and angry that our hopes have been dashed."

Walfish said the image represents a more real version of the normal woman.

"Barbie with braces and acne looks very much like the type of women and girls who come into my practice," Walfish said. "Perhaps this new image is a good thing."

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