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Native American Attends Anti-Police Brutality Rally, Killed By Police Next Day (Video)

Allen Locke, a Native American, was killed by a police officer in Rapid City, South Dakota, last Saturday.

The incident happened one day after Locke took part in an anti-police brutality demonstration called "#NativeLivesMatter."

Locke was shot up to five times by Rapid City Officer Anthony Meirose, who was called to remove a person from a residence, according to a press release by the Rapid City Police Department, noted the Rapid City Journal.

"Officer Meirose approached the house and while standing in the doorway, he was attacked by a male subject with a knife. The officer drew his weapon and shot the subject several times," Rapid City Police Captain Dan Rud told Black Hills Fox (video below).

However, it's not clear why Officer Meirose didn't use his Taser instead of his gun.

"From what we understand of the situation last night there was no time for that and it was not a viable option, Taser or OC spray or whatever, it was not a viable option for the officer at the time," added Captain Rud.

"This officer is white, the suspect is Native American, but it's not a race deal," claimed Captain Rud. "This is based on criminal behavior. Had the race of the police officer been Native American and the suspect was white, the result would have been the same thing."

However, there is no way to verify that claim.

Officer Meirose is on administrative leave while the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation and the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office look into the shooting, reports the Associated Press.

Sources: Associated Press, Black Hills Fox, Rapid City Journal
Image Credit: Black Hills Fox Screenshot


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