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Nationwide's Tear-Jerking Super Bowl Ad Sparks Intense Twitter Reactions (Video)

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Super Bowl commercials are usually known for being funny. Nationwide, however, took things to a sadder place last night with their ad, and viewers on Twitter quickly shared their reactions.

The commercial started with a young boy listing off things he’ll never be able to do in his life, accompanied by a series of fantasy sequences. “I’ll never learn to ride a bike or get cooties,” the boy said. “I’ll never learn to fly or travel the world with my best friend. And I won’t ever get married.”

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Suddenly, things got dark. “I couldn’t grow up, because I died from an accident,” the boy said.

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Nationwide’s tagline then completed the intense commercial. “At Nationwide, we believe in protecting what matters most – your kids. Together, we can make safe happen.”

The clip sparked strong reaction from Twitter users everywhere.

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Do you think Nationwide’s ad was too serious for the Super Bowl?

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