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National Poll: Clinton Leads By 7 Points

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appears to have recovered from her bout of pneumonia as well as at the polls. A new national survey indicates that Clinton has a 7 percentage point lead over GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The latest McClatchy-Marist poll has found that voters place more stock in Clinton when it comes to policy, temperament and being preparedness to be president. Trump has a slight edge when it comes to honesty and stamina.

Released on Sept. 23, the new poll found that Clinton would lead a two-way matchup with 48 percent with Trump behind with 41 percent.

In a four-way race, which is the more likely scenario, Clinton takes 45 percent while Trump comes in second with 39 percent. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson garners 10 percent while Green Party nominee Jill Stein comes in last with 4 percent.

Any way you slice it, the survey indicates that Clinton is rebounding after a slump in the polls earlier in September, when her campaign was dogged by accusations that she had health problems, reinforced when she collapsed with pneumonia during a Sept. 11 memorial service.

Breaking down the data, 57 percent of respondents believe that Clinton is the more experienced candidate while only 30 percent can say the same about Trump. When it comes to having the temperament to be president, 50 percent side with Clinton while 38 percent believe that Trump’s temperament is superior.

Poll respondents also give Clinton the edge when it comes to all policy issues. On immigration, voters trust Clinton over Trump 54 to 41 percent. On job creation, she edges out the business mogul 49 to 43 percent. When it comes to trade, voters prefer Clinton over Trump 52 to 42 percent.

Voters would also rather have Clinton handling terrorism instead of Trump 52 to 41 percent.

Trump gains the edge when it comes to personality; 44 percent of respondents say that the GOP nominee is honest and trustworthy while only 36 percent can say that same about Clinton. Voters say that Trump shares their values more than Clinton does 43 to 41 percent.

Not so surprisingly, 53 percent of voters believe that Trump has the stamina to be president while Clinton, who just had a brush with pneumonia, only garnered 39 percent. When respondents were asked which candidate cares about people like them, both Clinton and Trump came to a draw with 44 percent each.

Clinton is slightly more liked than Trump, but both remain incredibly divisive. Only 40 percent of voters have a favorable opinion of the Democratic nominee while 37 percent have a favorable view of the GOP nominee.

Clinton appears to be resuming her lead after weeks of the polls tightening to a near-draw. Aggregating the last 10 national polls released since Sept. 13, Real Clear Politics found that Clinton currently leads Trump by an average 3 percentage points.

FiveThirtyEight, the polling website spearheaded by statistician Nate Silver, whose method of tracking the presidential race proved to be incredibly accurate in the 2012 election, currently gives Clinton a 60.5 percent chance winning in November while Trump has 39.5 percent chance.

Clinton and Trump will be facing off in their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in New York on Sept. 26.

Lee Miringoff, the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion in New York, pointed to the first debate as a pivotal event that could permanently swing the election in either Clinton or Trump’s favor.

“Clearly the stakes couldn’t be any higher for both of them,” Miringoff said.

Sources: FiveThirtyEightMcClatchy DC, Real Clear Politics / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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