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National Organization for Marriage Uses Bridesmaid Stock Photo as Anti-Gay Photo

The National Organization for Marriage recently used a stock photo (right) of a woman and a young girl with the text "Mothers are IRREPLACEABLE in the lives of their children" to push back against gay marriage.

However, the stock photo description (below) does not indicate that the picture is actually of a mother and daughter, but rather a "bride and her bridesmaid" notes

This is not the first time the National Organization For Marriage has used a stock photo labeled with one title and used it for a different purpose.

In March, the National Organization For Marriage's Rhode Island chapter, Rhode Island for Marriage, used a stock picture from and created an anti-gay narrative around the girl in the picture.

Rhode Island for Marriage falsely claimed that the girl in the picture was "Grace," who testified in a Minnesota House Civil Law Hearing on same sex marriage. 

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