Natasha Hill Lets Public Decide Her Baby's Name

A Los Angeles woman was so stumped over coming up with a baby name that she decided to leave it up to the public to decide.

Natasha Hill, 26, is expecting a baby in September. She entered a $5,000 competition created by a baby-naming site.

Hill had to compete with 80 other women to get the spot, but Belly Ballot chose her because she said she would use the money to pay off credit card debt and set up a college fund for the child.

“I just thought it was a really cool idea,” Hill said. Her boyfriend Craig, however, is less excited about it.

Craig thinks people will not be able to resist naming the child something outrageous.

“He thinks people are going to use it as a chance to do something pranky,” Hill said.

Those voting for the names will be given a list to choose from, consisting of names specifically selected by the site and the advertiser who’s providing the money.

Belly Ballot forbids “crazy” names or names of products, so Craig can rest a little easier.

Hill said she thinks the public will make the right decision and won’t possibly think of names crazier than what she had already considered. Before entering the competition, she thought of names like Katorah and Winter.

“I think people will do the right thing and vote for something unique and nice,” she said.

Voting starts on March 18, and the names on the ballot will not be released, so Hill will not know what the choices are.

The site did say they would base the list on currently popular names.

Belly Ballot is a social media site allowing expectant mothers to put up a list of names for family and friends to decide upon. The mom can then decide to go with the name her loved ones chose, or go with something else.

Hill and her boyfriend, however, won’t be able to ignore the name if they want to get their hands on the $5,000.

She said in the worst-case scenario, she will just come up with a “good nickname” for the child.

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