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Natalie White Convinces Police Not To Shut Down Gallery Featuring Her Nude Photos

A woman who is holding an art exhibit featuring herself in various stages of undress said she was able to convince police officers to keep it open after she invited them to see it.

Natalie White opened the show "Who Shot Natalie White" on Wednesday. In it, she is seen in many provocative poses wearing little to no clothing. Some show her pleasuring herself.

It is on Manhattan's Lower East Side neighborhood. When police received complaints about it, they went to check it out.

It is seen as offensive to many as nude images of her are featured right outside the windows, meaning anyone who passes by can see her naked body.

But when police came to shut down the gallery, she was able to convince them not to.

"We met the police. They said they would come tonight," she said.

She also said that they "came in full force like a moment out of The Big Lebowski."

Ron Kuby, her lawyer, said he wondered why they felt it was necessary to "come inside and meet the naked girl."

"Maybe they're just being thorough, leaving no stone unturned," he speculated.

The New York Police Department has not made any comments about the gallery.

The images in the gallery were shot by nearly two dozen photographers.

White knows many people will be offended by the images, but she thinks people are taking it too seriously.

"I would imagine that a lot of people did [complain]…for some reason, they're so conservative in the U.S.," she said.

"It's not masturbation - it's just making love to myself in the photographs," she said of her most raunchy ones.

Gregory de la Haba, the gallery's curator, said the area's senior citizens are the ones complaining.

"The ones who complain are the old people," he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Post


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