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NASCAR Races to Be Cruelty-Free

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My husband has been trying for years to get me interested in NASCAR, but I think Carl Edwards might just have done it.

Ford Racing/cc by 2.0

The hunky driver, who just placed second in the Daytona 500, is the face of Avon's new men's fragrance, Turn 4XT. Avon was one of the first companies to sign PETA's cruelty-free statement of assurance, ending all animal testing in 1989. That's enough to do a backflip over. And with cutie Carl driving Avon's cruelty-free message home, well, that gives me 99 new reasons to tune in.

Speaking of driving home the message, top car-care line Daytona Detailing Products is racing ahead of its competitors by being the first auto-care company on PETA's list of cruelty-free companies. Sleek rides that don't cost animals their lives—everybody is in the winner's circle.

I might just have plans the next few Sunday afternoons.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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