NASCAR Driver Ray Evernham Reveals Elvis Presley's Secret Chevy Van (Video)

NASCAR driver Ray Evernham was invited to Graceland to shoot a segment for his show about the last car Elvis Presley drove before he died, but when he arrived, he learned that the car he was profiling was not actually Presley’s prized vehicle.

In an interview for Fox Car Report, Evernham disclosed that when he arrived at Graceland, employees there told him that the car he was there to see, a 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III, was not actually the last car Presley drove. They took Evernham out to a warehouse in the back and unveiled a 1948 Chevy Panel Van.

Fox News reports that Presley allegedly drove the van frequently when he wanted to go out in public on his own. The late musician would reportedly put on a jacket and baseball cap and sneak out of his mansion in the van so that nobody would recognize him. While out in his Chevy van, Presley would go out to the movies and go shopping.

The van had been hidden from the public since Presley’s death, but now, the cat is out of the bag, and the van has reportedly been a part of the singer’s collection the longest.

Source: Fox News / Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons 


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