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Narcotics Agent Wears F-Word Shirt During Marijuana Raid (Video)

During a raid of a medical marijuana business on Oct. 22 in San Diego, Calif., an undercover narcotics officer openly wore a T-shirt with the F-word.

According to, the shirt stated, "Marijuana Eradication San Diego, CA. F--- the growers... Marijuana is still illegal” (video below).

Marcus Boyd, whose business was raided, told 10 News that the shirt was "disrespectful and vulgar" and was proof that the Narcotics Task Force has "gone rogue."

The Drug Enforcement Administration office in San Diego said in a statement: "DEA does not condone the shirt and we find it inappropriate. The matter has been referred to the Sheriff's Department."

"This shirt is not approved or condoned by the Sheriff's Department," said San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore. "Its message is vulgar and not representative of who we are and the values we uphold. Appropriate administrative action will be taken."

However, the narcotics officer was not identified and neither the DEA or the San Diego County Sheriff's Officer could explain why the narcotics officer was allowed to wear the shirt in full view of other officers.

Sources:, 10 News


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