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Naples U-Turn Fiasco Goes Viral (Video)

Bad driving is a problem that crosses borders. Whether you live in Los Angeles, New York, Naples or Brazil, chances are at one point or another you have been forced to endure and persevere through the always frustrating experience of dealing with a horrible driver.

Unfortunately, most cases of bad driving go relatively unnoticed and unpunished. The perpetrators of traffic jams and minor scratches on parked cars get to walk free feeling zero shame because nobody ever knows how horrible they are behind the wheel.

Thankfully, though, sometimes bad drivers do get caught.

Case in point: whoever was behind the wheel of this little car in Naples.


There is some talk about this video being fake because it’s simply too perfect, but we prefer to think that it is completely and totally real. If for no other reason, just because we know about 20 other drivers who would behave the exact same way in that small alley.


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