Jolly Tumuhirwe, Nanny Who Beat 18-Month-Old, Pleads Guilty to Torture Charges (Video)


Just weeks ago, a shocking video of a nanny mercilessly beating a toddler in Uganda caused a firestorm around the Internet. The nanny in the video, Jolly Tumuhirwe, 22, has pleaded guilty to torture.

After noticing his daughter, Aneela Kamanzi, was bruised and limping, Eric Kamanzi installed a secret camera in his home in hopes of discovering the cause. Tumuhirwe was seen beating his 18-month-old daughter after she resisted being fed; Tumuhirwe responded by hitting the child, throwing her to the floor, beating her with a flashlight, and stepping on and kicking her.

Aneela had been under Tumuhirwe’s care for three months prior to the incident. Upon viewing the footage, Kamanzi retaliated by beating Tumuhirwe “to a pulp.” She then reported the assault to the police, but when Kamanzi showed authorities the footage of Tumuhirwe hitting his daughter, all charges against him were dropped. 

Tumuhirwe broke down in court and asked for forgiveness from the toddler’s parents and the people of Uganda.

Tumuhirwe was not represented by a lawyer when she appeared in court in Kampala, Uganda’s capital. One of Uganda’s leading court advocates offered to represent her, but the request was denied because he had not notified the court in time.

After Kamanzi posted the video to social media, it went viral, and the subsequent public outcry spurred Ugandan public officials to announce Tumuhirwe would be charged with attempted murder. So far, Tumuhirwe has only pleaded guilty to torture, although the investigation is ongoing.

Sources: Daily Mail, BBC / Image via Daily Mail


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