Nanny Caught On Camera Assaulting One-Year-Old Twins (Photos)


A Los Angeles nanny was caught on camera allegedly assaulting a pair of one-year-old twins that she was caring for.

According to reports, 34-year-old Dana Cash was hired by a family to take care of their multiple children, and the mother says she did an extensive background check and interview process to make sure she was the right choice for them.

“She [Cash] was nice, we did a trial period, she was good with my older kids,” said the unnamed mother.

One day, however, the woman’s eight-year-old son told her that Cash was hurting the one-year-old twins. The mother didn’t take those allegations lightly, especially coming from her young son, so she checked the nanny camera and was shocked to see proof of the assault. At one point in the footage, Cash is seen putting her hand over one of the twin’s mouths and shaking her.

“He knew,” said the mother. “He knew it was wrong.”

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The two twins, a boy and a girl, were assaulted by Cash, and their mother says she also saw signs of distress from her two other daughters.

“They had been getting up at night, been crying more, you know, in the evening when we were with them, and were just more restless,” the mother said.

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Police say that Cash was arrested on suspicion of child abuse, and she’s since been released on bail.

“Detectives don't want to be specific about the injuries to the children or the investigative leads that they have at this time," Cindy Bachman, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, said in a statement. "Now that Cash is out of custody, she'll have an arraignment that will probably be about 30 days out, so they would like to not release too much information at this time. She could go and get a job tomorrow, and we definitely don't want the same type of behavior, activity to occur again to some other young victim.”

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