Nanny Caught On Camera Assaulting 18-Month-Old Boy Found Not Guilty (Video)


A couple decided that they would review footage on the camera they set up in their 18-month-old son’s room. They expected to find nothing out of the ordinary, however, they were shocked to ultimately discover that the nanny they had hired to help take care of the child had been assaulting him.

Rowena and Jack Churchland say they had no idea that the nanny had been harming their 18-month-old son Olly until they saw the footage. The nanny reportedly ignored their crying son for three hours before picking him up, throwing him violently into his crib several times, and spanking him repeatedly.

"The moment she came in [to Olly's bedroom] his body stiffened as if he was preparing himself for her,” said Rowena Churchland. “Was he frightened? I couldn't bear the thought.”

The couple immediately called the police and filed a report after seeing proof of abuse for themselves. The nanny, who is only known publicly as Agatha, was arrested and confessed to assaulting the baby while he was under her care.

Despite a confession and video proof, Agatha was found not guilty of assault. In court, the nanny said that she lost her temper that day because she was overwhelmed with the amount of work she had to do. Rowena, the child’s mother, says the incident has not left her since she watched the video.

“There were nights when everyone was asleep when I would just come downstairs to cry,” said Rowena of her reaction following the incident. “I felt helpless.”

Rowena and Jack Churchland say they are appealing for a review of the case.


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