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Nanny Aubrey Anderson Breaks Baby's Ankles, Gets Probation

Aubrey Anderson, a nighttime nanny accused of abusing an infant, was recently sentenced to five years of probation.

In January 2012, Anderson was hired by Sarah Tuefing to look after her 1-month-old twins during the night.

According to court documents, the daytime nanny noticed swelling on one of the twin's legs and bruising on his forearm.

The Primary Children's Medical Center in Park City, Utah, found breaks in the legs of the baby in February 2012, reported theDeseret News.

Police suspected Anderson and later they learned she was wanted in Belgium on similar child abuse charges.

In Utah, Anderson was charged with four counts of child abuse in June 2012, but two counts were dropped when she agreed to a plea agreement in April 2013, reported The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Her actions were more than an accident, more than lack of impulse control, more than anger," Tuefing told a judge on Monday. "I believe she will hurt again. My babies ... could neither defend themselves nor tell anyone about their terror or abuse. These crimes were so ugly because the victims, Kalvin and Grace, were infants."

So far, Anderson has refused to apologize for her actions.

"We stand by [Anderson’s] innocence and hope that now we can put all this behind us," said her brother, Ashley Anderson, after the court hearing. "We are glad the babies are OK."

During her probation, Anderson is banned from having unsupervised contact with any children under the age of 14. She will also have to wear a monitoring ankle bracelet for one year.

Because of Monday's Utah sentencing, Belgium officials went ahead with a trial on Tuesday. If they find enough evidence against Anderson, she could be extradited to Belgium.

Sources: The Salt Lake TribuneDeseret News


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