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Nanny Accused Of Double Murder Appears In New York Court

Yoselyn Ortega, a nanny accused of murdering two children she was caring for in 2012, appeared in a New York courtroom on Oct. 9.

Lucia and Leo Krim, then ages 6 and 2, were found dead at their Manhattan home in 2012. Ortega was lying beside the two bodies, having tried to slit her own throat, Daily Mail reported.

Marina Krim, the children’s mother, made the discovery after returning home from picking up Nessie, her third child, from a swimming lesson.

Ortega claimed she attacked the children because of money problems, and added that the demands placed on her by the parents made her angry.

“I had to do everything and take care of the kids,” said Ortega, according to Daily Mail. “God forgive me, so many things they made me do. Pray for me.”

The Krims have said that they only gave her more work to help her overcome her financial difficulties.

Questions have been raised about Ortega’s mental health. A psychiatric assessment prior to the trial found she was fit to be tried for two counts of murder.

But Ortega’s attorney, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, claims her client does not remember the incident.

“Oh, my God, who did that to them?” Ortega asked when shown a picture of the two dead children, according to Leer-Greenberg.

The Krims have tried to move on with their lives following Lucia and Leo’s death. Marina and her husband, Kevin Krim, had another child, Felix Krim, and recently announced that another baby is on the way.

“Marina is pregnant with a baby boy, due in late January,” the Krims wrote on Facebook, WABC reported. “Nessie is excited about her new role as queen bee of the family and little Felix (who turns 2 this weekend) is thrilled to give up his crib to become roommates with Nessie in a new bunk bed!”

“With each new baby, we feel a special and closer connection to Lulu and Leo, who are a constant presence in their siblings' looks, gestures and voices,” Marina and Kevin added.

The couple also set up the Lulu and Leo Foundation, a fund to raise money for education programs aimed at children.

Sources: Daily Mail, WABC/ Photo credit: Daily Mail


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