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Nancy Lanza Was Survivalist, Taught Adam Lanza how to Shoot Guns

Nancy Lanza, the mother of Newtown, Connecticut school massacre gunman Adam Lanza, was a survivalist who was stockpiling food and water because she thought the world was coming to an end because of an economic collapse.

Adam Lanza's aunt Marsha Lanza told the Associated Press that Nancy Lanza "was stockpiling food. We talked about prepping a lot. She was getting ready for the economic collapse. I think she had the guns for self-defense because she lived alone."

Nancy Lanza was obsessed with guns and even taught her son Adam Lanza how to shoot a firearm, however, he eventually shot her as she laid in her own bed, possibly sleeping, reports the Hartford Courant.

Adam Lanza then killed 20 children and 6 teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School with a a Glock and a Sig Sauer, both pistols, and a .223 caliber rifle.

Nancy Lanza legally purchased five firearms, according to police records, but it's not clear of Adam Lanza used her guns.

Dan Holmes, owner of the landscaping firm Holmes Fine Gardens, told Reuters: "She said she would often go target shooting with her kids."

Holmes told the NY Daily News: "She was very proud of it. She loved her guns."

It had been reported earlier that Nancy Lanza was a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School, but Newtown Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson said on Saturday that she had never met Nancy Lanza, who was not in the school database as a staff member.

Nancy Lanza may have been a retired educator, who quit teaching to take care of her son Adam Lanza, who allegedly had behavioral issues.

Adam Lanza's father Peter Lanza, who divorced Nancy in 2009, now lives in Stamford, Connecticut with a new wife. He works as the vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, and is believed to earn $1 million a year. reports the Stamford Advocate.

Tim Dalton, a former classmate of Adam Lanza, wrote on Twitter: "As horrible as this was, I can't say I am surprised.... Burn in hell, Adam."

Joshua Milas, another classmate of Adam Lanza, told the Associated Press: "We would hang out, and he was a good kid. He was smart. He was probably one of the smartest kids I know. He was probably a genius."


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