Nancy Grace Ends Interview After Dead Kids Question (Video)

HLN host Nancy Grace prematurely ended a radio interview on the "Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show" Oct. 11 (video below).

Grace appeared on the Sirius Radio show to plug her new Hallmark Channel TV show "Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder and Love," but was asked by Norton if it was her choice to leave HLN, notes Law Newz. Her final show on HLN is due to air in October.

"I wouldn't say that I wanted to leave," Grace replied. "I felt like it was the right time for me leave because I'm leaving behind a lot, but I'm going to where I want to go."

Norton asked Grace if she was capitalizing on tragedies. Grace stated that she was a crime victim herself, had crime victims on her show, helped find missing people and assisted in finding answers in unsolved homicides.

The legal commentator went on to say that Norton was singling out her show from news channels that also report tragedies.

Norton asked Grace about the many hashtags she has used on her HLN show such as "#TotMom" and "#PotForTot" that appeared to be beyond traditional news reporting.

Grace then lectured Norton on hashtags and social media, and her days as a lawyer when she had to summarize complicated cases for juries.

Roberts asked Grace if her use of hashtags trivialized serious cases, but Grace said it did not.

Grace grew visibly upset when she was asked about a slander lawsuit against her and CNN by Michael Skakel, which eventually ended in a settlement. Grace said she could not discuss the settlement, but added that Skakel was found guilty by a jury.

Skakel was found guilty in 2002 of murdering Martha Moxley when they were both 15 years old in 1975. He filed an appeal, and the guilty ruling was vacated in 2013 by a judge who ruled that Skakel was not adequately represented during the 2002 trial, noted CNN. Skakel was released from jail on $1.2 million bail.

Roberts asked Grace if she regretted any of her TV coverage of cases, and she replied that she did not, but had not really looked back on them.

Roberts also asked Grace if she had implied that a list of dead pro wrestlers, that she aired, had died from steroid abuse, which Grace pushed back on as well.

Grace went on to tell the hosts that she felt bad that they don't like what she does on her show, and stated, "You obviously don't like me."

"The two of you are just so anxious to just throw a shot at me," Grace added, which the hosts denied.

"You haven’t asked one decent question since I’ve walked in here," Grace insisted. "Everything both of you have asked has been an attack."

Norton tried to calm Grace by promoting her new TV show.

Norton then asked her: "How do you justify latching on to all of these hashtags and things without saying that you are capitalizing on dead kids?"

Grace replied, "I’ll give you another honest answer, and the answer is my program is to help solve unsolved homicides, and find missing people, which we have done. Now if you don’t like that, and you don’t like the way I do it, then don’t watch it."

Norton said that he liked Grace's answer, and she told the hosts, "Oops, I think our time is up, bye-bye."

Grace then took off her headphones.

"You can leave if you want, we aren’t going to kill ourselves after the interview," Norton told Grace as she walked out.

Grace gave her side of the interview on "The View" on Oct. 12, notes Mediate.com:

They suggested that my program, that I had poured my life’s blood into for 12 years and prosecuted and represented crime victims, was capitalizing on missing children and murder victims. I almost starting crying, but instead I got mad and bit back. And after about 10 minutes, I was like, "See you, Beavis."

Sources: Law Newz, CNNMediaite.com / Photo credit: Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show/YouTube

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