Nancy Grace Drops F-Bomb, Says Zimmerman Eats Tacos (Video)


HLN's Nancy Grace has the highest rated prime-time cable news show and it is not hard to see why she beats Fox, CNN and MSNBC.

Grace dropped the f-bomb on Saturday night right before the verdict was read in the George Zimmerman trial.

Grace claimed Zimmerman said “f---ing coons,” which she repeated live on-the-air, noted (video below).

 I’ll tell you what I think made a difference," Grace said. "When that 911 tape first came out, and everybody, get ready, this is graphic language, when it first came out that Zimmerman had said ‘f---ing coon‘ on the 911 call, to me, that was open-and-shut that that showed open ill will and hatred. Now they’ve revised it to say he said ‘These punks, they always get away with it.’ I’m wondering if that reinterpretation of what he said made a difference as to a jury finding ill will in Mr. Zimmerman’s heart.”

The night before, Grace slammed Zimmerman after the trial concluded, reported (video below).

After showing defense lawyer Mark O’Mara's closing argument in which he asked for Zimmerman to “get back to his life,” Grace went off again.

“Give Zimmerman back his life?" Grace said. "He’s out on bond driving through Taco Bell every night having a churro. You know, long story short, he’s got his life. Who is going to give life back to Trayvon Martin? I find that, at the very least, a very poor choice of words."



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