Video Shows Naked Woman Harassing Drivers (Video)

Video has been released of a woman apparently high on drugs stopping traffic on a busy road in Costa Rica (video below).

The video appeared online Sept. 16 but it remains unclear where in Costa Rica the incident took place, Daily Mail reported.

As the video begins, it shows the woman fully clothed in the middle of a street. She then drops her pants down to her ankles and begins playing with the windshield wipers on an ambulance.

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The ambulance leaves the woman and drives off, even though she appears distressed.

She continues walking along the road, stripping off her clothes until she is completely naked. She notices someone filming her and approaches the car, hitting the rear door with her hand.

The woman then turns her attention to trying to grab the handlebars of a motorcycle that had stopped. The motorcyclist pushes the woman away.

Later the woman swings from the brake cables of a semitrailer before the driver confronts her, separates her from the wires and drives off.

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The conclusion of the video shows the woman with her hands and feet tied, rolling around on the floor of a police station.

No information about what later happened to the woman has been made available.

Earlier this year, video from Russia surfaced showing a naked woman walking in moving traffic on a busy street. Witnesses said she looked nervous and was shivering from the cold, Daily Mail reported.

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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