Naked Running Man, Jandei Cherry, Has Clothes Stolen and is Shot Dead By Passing Motorist


A 22-year-old man was running naked down a street in Florida when he was shot dead by a passing driver, according to police.

Jandei Cherry, an aspiring musician and father, was pronounced dead October 6 from a gunshot wound to the stomach after police say he got into a fight with a stranger in Hollywood after running home naked at 5 a.m.

The alleged gunman, 29-year-old Duke Laguerre, was driving down Hollywood Boulevard when police say he saw Cherry running naked.

The alleged gunman told investigators that he was driving west on Hollywood Boulevard when he saw Cherry but initially passed him. Laguerre then turned his car around to check up on the naked man, police said.

From there, Cherry and Laguerre got into an argument that turned physical and ended with Laguerre allegedly pulling a gun on Cherry and shooting him once in the stomach.

Cherry was pronounced dead at the Memorial Regional Hospital.

Laguerre has not been charged in connection to the shooting, and police would not say what exactly what the two men argued about.

The victim’s mother, Auta Cherry, described her son’s killing as “foolish and senseless,” according to the Daily Mail.

The mother says the bizarre incident started with Jandei heading to the beach after work with a friend from work. Jandei and his co-worker got into an argument that turned physical, his mother was told by the friend last week.

After being punched in the face, the friend ran off with Cherry’s clothes, cell phone, wallet and skateboard, leaving Jandei stranded naked on the beach.

Jandei decided to return home on foot.

“He was running naked, yes, but the he had no choice,” Auta Cherry said. “And knowing my son he would have forgiven the man who shot him.”

Cherry is survived by his three-year-old daughter. He worked as a busboy at the Quarterback restaurant on the Dania Beach pier.

“He deserves to be known for who he was, not just a naked man running around Hollywood,” Kaylee Martinez, a co-worker, said.


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