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Naked Pictures Of Politician’s Wife Spark Debate

Naked pictures taken of the wife of Russian deputy defense minister Timur Ivanov have triggered a mixed response after being published online.

One of the photos showed 45-year-old Svetlana Zakharova covered only by a palm tree, according to Daily Mail.

Zakharova owns a clothes boutique business.

According to the Mail, her philosophy is: “Today you don't have time, tomorrow you won't have energy, the day after tomorrow there will be no you. Stop postponing, live now.”

Not everyone agrees. Vasily Vlasov, a parliamentary deputy for the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, called for action to be taken.

“She must, of course, be reprimanded, punished. I think a public reprimand will be good for her,” he said.

He called on Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to get involved.

“Our respected Minister of [Defense] must pay attention to what wife of his subordinate does, just as every leader takes responsibility for his underlings,” Vlasov added.

Ivanov was appointed deputy minister of defense in May, Tass reported.

“Family members of high flying officials ... must [realize] that there are people that follow their lives on social networks,” Vlasov said, the Mail reported.

Vlasov was also unhappy that the pictures were taken abroad on a tropical beach.

“Given the crisis, a preference should be given to our own resorts,” he added.

For others, the fact that Zakharova appeared naked was not a problem.

“The only thing that bothers me about these pictures is that Svetlana poses with cigarettes,” commented fitness trainer Elena Sanzharovskaya.

“Her truly amazing bikini shots are commented by people with double standards, who sit on their sofas with potato chips and beer and write their poisonous words,” she added.

Other commenters took a different view.

“At least now soldiers know for whose bum's luxurious existence they pay with their lives in Syria and Donbass (Ukraine),” one wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, Tass / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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