Naked Man Sedated, Arrested At Oregon Hemp Music Festival


Oregon police sedated and arrested a naked man at a hemp-themed music festival early Sunday morning after he damaged cars and tried to initiate fights.

Timothy Seaux, 27, allegedly attacked a car while two women were terrified inside of it at the Jefferson State Hemp Expo festival in Grants Pass, according to KPTV.

Seaux also reportedly kicked a police officer as he was trying to restrain him and bring him into custody.

Other individuals at the three-day-long music festival said they had seen Seaux try to start fights repeatedly in addition to his show of rage at the vehicle.

When police finally got him into the back of a car, a medical team decided they had to sedate him.

Officials then brought Seaux to a medical center to be examined before he was booked in a county jail.

Seaux now faces charges for criminal mischief, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, according to the Daily Mail.

The Jefferson State Hemp Expo aims to educate the public about the possible benefits of cannabis by providing a platform for advocates to speak about it, according to the event’s website.

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Source: Daily Mail, KPTV,


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