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Two Lions Killed After Man Attempts Suicide At Zoo

Zookeepers in Santiago, Chile, were allegedly forced to shoot and kill two lions after a man stripped naked and jumped into a lion enclosure in a bizarre suicide attempt.

On May 21, a man later identified by local media as Franco Luis Ferrada Roman climbed over the fence of the lion enclosure, took his clothing off and approached a group of lions at the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo, CNN reports.

After approaching the lions, the animals pounced and and began to "play" with him, according to the Daily Mail.

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Zookeepers were then forced to intervene, shooting two lions with live rounds to save the man's life.

Roman was reportedly attempting suicide by climbing into the lion enclosure. A suicide note was later found in his clothing.

"Due to the circumstances and to firstly protect the life of this person, we found ourselves obliged to apply all of our security protocols," a statement from the zoo reads.

A zoo spokesperson said in the statement that zookeepers were forced to take the "incomprehensible action" of killing two lions, which was a "profoundly painful" experience.

Roman, who was mauled by the lions in the enclosure, was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The investigation is ongoing, CNN reports.

Sources: Daily Mail,CNN / Photo Credit: NoticiasChelmevision via Daily Mail

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