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Naked Man Attempts To Take Over New Jersey Transit Bus (Video)

A naked man became enraged when a New Jersey Transit bus driver refused to let him board in the buff.

The man reportedly urinated in the street and banged on passing cars before fighting his way onto the Irvington bus Monday afternoon.

Bystanders took video footage of the man getting into a scuffle with the driver.

A local clerk said the bus driver did not fight back, rather he kept trying to push the man off of him.

"He even tried to take over the bus from the driver," a nearby store clerk told WABC-TV. "He even stuck his naked butt in the driver's face and that was ridiculous."

Twice the man attempted to take over the buss, but was unsuccessful.

Police officers arrived at the scene and eventually managed to subdue him.

Sources: New York Daily News, WABC-TV


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