Naked, Intoxicated U.K. Vacationer "Dry Tasered" After Challenging Pilot To Fight, Urinating On Terminal Wall


A 52-year-old male passenger returning to Manchester, England, from what must have been an uproarious holiday in Malta, got drunk on the plane, challenged the pilot to a fight and then, once the EasyJet flight landed, stripped naked, shouted at airport personnel and urinated against the wall of terminal.

For his antics, the man was rewarded with a slap in the face from his female companion — and 50,000 volts from a taser.

The incident, part of which was captured in the video seen below, took place September 26. A police spokesperson told the Daily Mail newspaper, “Police were called to Terminal One arrivals of Manchester Airport following reports a man was drunk and being abusive to passengers on a flight from Malta. As he left the plane, he took his clothes off and urinated against a wall.”

The police spokesperson went on to say that the man was “dry tasered” and arrested on suspicion of public drunk and disorderly behavior.

“Dry” tasering involves holding the taser weapon directly against the victim’s skin to deliver a direct shock.

EasyJet is discount airline based in Luton, England that flies passengers throughout Europe. Based on the number of passengers who take its flights, it is the United Kingdom’s busiest airline.

The naked, bald and pot-bellied man, who has not been publicly identified, initiated the incident when he began using profanity toward other passengers aboard the plane, prompting the pilot to leave the cockpit to pay him a visit.

Based on his accent, witnesses said, the man was apparently from Manchester. Prior to stripping to his birthday suit, the man was seen wearing an Oakland Raiders T-shirt and shorts.

As he was strutting naked around the tarmac, his female traveling companion slapped him across the face.

With the public release of this incident, it has been a rocky week for EasyJet. On Saturday, a flight from Malaga, Spain, bound for Bristol, England, took off with the passengers luggage on board but no passengers.

An EasyJet spokesperson said the screw-up happened “due to an issue at the boarding gate.”

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