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Police: Couple Arrested After Naked Autistic Son Is Found Running In Street

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Missouri police received calls on Sunday morning regarding a naked teen roaming the streets. When officers found the teen, he led them to an even more shocking scene. 

The naked teen was seen running into traffic on Sunday morning in Chillicothe, Missouri, and police received multiple calls about him, KTLA reported. The boy had wandered about eight houses down from his own before police found him.

When police entered the teenager’s home, they found three other children ranging from ages 2 to 15 who were living in a house covered with animal feces and vomit, according to court records cited by KTLA.

The children’s parents, Daniel and Michelle Schliessman, had allegedly been running a meth lab and were unaware that their 14-year-old autistic son had run outside of the house. Police found items traditionally used to cook meth in the house, along with the drug itself.

The occupants of the house were filthy, covered in scabs and had rotting teeth, police said. One of the kids had open sores on her arms and legs, and the younger children had untreated bug bites on their legs.

Daniel, 45, and Michelle, 36, were charged with felony child endangerment involving drugs. Michelle was charged with possession of meth. They were both still in jail as of Monday night.

Neighbors were reportedly shocked when they heard about what had been happening in the home. The children were taken into custody by social workers.

Sources: Mad World News, KTLA

Photo Credit: Police photos via KTLA, WPTV


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