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Naked Acrobat Yeiner Perez Terrorizes San Francisco Subway Riders (Video)

A naked man, identified as Yeiner Perez, was caught on video (below) chasing and harassing passengers at a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in May.

On a cell phone video, recorded by a station agent on May 10, Perez runs after people, performs handstands and turns backflips.

The station agent can be heard on the video yelling at a female BART rider: "Police are on their way! Run ma'am, run!"

“It appears that the man walked into the station, off the street and although there were plenty of people around who saw him acting erratically, no one called police until our station agent stepped up and called 911 and that’s exactly what the station agents are directed to do in their manual,” BART Spokesman Jim Allison told CBS San Francisco.

After several minutes of chaos, Perez was apprehended and arrested. The 24-year-old immigrant was evaluated medically and then turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We were really looking for some help to be honest,” BART passenger Bianca Starr told KRON 4. “We felt helpless. He started making animal sounds. He was like ‘Ooh ooh, aah aah.’ No one wanted to cross over to that side where you get your ticket where he was because we had that barrier to protect us. He jumped over it clearly and was able to cause chaos on that side as well.”

Perez was reportedly once a member of the "Clown Snot Bombs," a Berkeley, California performing group, but started missing practice and was dropped.

Source: CBS San Francisco and KRON 4


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