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Nairobi Men Who Gang Raped Girl Get Punished By Mowing Police Station Lawn

A growing petition is demanding justice for a Kenyan girl who was gang raped, after police made the alleged attackers mow their lawn at the police station as punishment.

The 16-year-old girl was walking home from her grandfather’s funeral when a gang of six men attacked her four months ago.

The girl was punched, kicked, and thrown down a pit after being raped. She suffered a broken spine and remains in a wheelchair, according to the Daily Mail.

Locals found the girl after she regained consciousness and managed to crawl her way out of the pit.

Vigilantes found three of the attackers and handed them into police. The men were reportedly seen cutting the grass at the Tingolo police station in Nairobi with long knives the next morning. They were released later that day, activists say.

Now, human rights groups are planning to march to a police station in Nairobi to protest the police’s actions, or actually, inactions.

 "The police need to a give a public apology to all Kenyan women, because if that can happens to one woman, it can happen to everyone,” said Saida Ali from the Coalition on Violence Against Women, a group helping the victim with her recovery.

Nebila Abdulmelik of Femnet, the women’s rights group that started the petition told The Times, “If a bank is robbed, the response time is three minutes. In this case a girl was raped and left for dead and there’s no tangible action.”

Activists have not only called for the girl’s alleged attackers to face justice, but also for the police who handled the case to face disciplinary action. The petition has garnered more than 1.2 million signatures so far.

Police say that they are still investigating the case, but that the alleged rapists have disappeared.


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