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NAACP Booed, Called 'Racist' By Whites At Georgia School Board Meeting (Video)

Black members and supporters of the NAACP were reportedly booed during a school board meeting in Springfield, Georgia, on Tuesday (video below).

The NAACP was at the Effingham County School Board meeting to call for the local high school to stop using Confederate symbols, notes WTOC.

"We should do better," Pastor Franklin Blanks, Jr. said. "We cannot ignore this practice any longer. We ask you to do the respect of representing all citizens. Do what is fair and honest concerning this practice."

However, a white supporter of the Confederate symbols claimed that Blanks was trying to erase his heritage and added that everything Blanks said was "racist," which brought loud cheers from the audience.

Effingham NAACP President Leroy Lloyd described the Confederate flag:  “We see it as a symbol of hate and racism,” reports The Augusta Chronicle.

However, the mostly-white audience was overwhelmingly supportive of the Confederate symbols at the school.

One woman told the NAACP members, "You want to end racism, then people like you need to stay away from places like this."

School Superintendent Randy Shearouse claimed that the school didn't have a mascot.

However, The Augusta Chronicle reports that there are two signs with a Confederate soldier inside the school, people wave Confederate flags during sports games and “Dixie” is played by the school marching band. "Dixie" is told from the perspective of a former slave who misses the South.

“Our kids get along great," Shearouse insisted. "That’s what’s paramount. We want to be sure they have the best education possible.”

The school board didn't vote on any of the Confederate issues, but said they would decide at another time.

Sources: WTOC ,The Augusta Chronicle / Photo Credit: WTOC Screenshot


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