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N.H. Marijuana Bill Approved to Avoid Veto by Gov. Lynch

Today the New Hampshire Legislature approved a medical marijuana
bill custom tailored to addresses the governor’s concerns in hopes of
avoiding a veto that would leave the state’s medical marijuana patients
vulnerable to arrest, even if they have their doctor’s recommendation.

Gov. John Lynch told lawmakers that he would veto the bill in its
original form, which passed both chambers last month, if eight specific
concerns of his were not addressed.

A special legislative committee spent the past month revising the bill according to those eight concerns, which you can view here, along with how the revised bill that the Legislature passed today addresses them.

The question now is whether the governor was sincere about finding a
workable compromise that meets the needs of medical marijuana patients.
In the next couple weeks, we’ll be reminding the governor of the
seriously ill who are depending on him to do the right thing by
purchasing radio and TV ad time highlighting the patients whose lives hang in the balance.

If you’re a New Hampshire resident, you can let Gov. Lynch know it’s time for him to allow this much-needed reform and stop the prosecution of patients for simply trying to relieve their pain with a proven safe, effective medicine.


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