Mystery Surrounds Child Rapist's Jailhouse Death


A serial child rapist hanged himself in his jail cell just 10 days after being arrested, and now, police are actively searching for his victims.

Matthew Coniglio, 46, was arrested on a child pornography charge, and when authorities raided his Georgia home, they discovered tons of child pornography, including 50,000 videos and pictures stored on his computers and on external drives. Unexpectedly, police also discovered tapes of Coniglio raping young girls who they say were very clearly drugged.

Coniglio was a traveling salesman, so many of the rapes occurred in various locations, although he primarily worked throughout Georgia and the Carolinas. Authorities were hoping to identify the rape victims, some of whom are as young as 10, by getting information from Coniglio himself. But on April 20, guards at Chatham County Jail in Savannah found him dead, hanging in his cell.

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Reports say that a number of errors on the part of the jail could have contributed to the man’s suicide, including failure to give him sedatives that were prescribed for panic attacks and alcohol withdrawals. It also appears that prison guards failed to check his cell the night of his suicide, causing one guard to resign before he could be fired.

Authorities are now wanting Coniglio’s victims to come forward themselves, as their hopes of getting information from him directly have obviously been dashed.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC News, CBS News


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